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Barka Parka Dog Beds

Barka Parka Cat Bed

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The luxurious Barka Parka bean bed for cats offers a lifetime warranty and is handcrafted to ensure your cat's comfort and relaxation. Its convenient removable cover slides on and off like a shower cap, and an optional waterproof cover fits within the bed for extra protection. If you would like a waterproof undercover then click here Water-proof cover for Barka Parka bed. Choose the 25" cover for small-medium cats and 30" for large cats.

Every bed is handmade by me in Somerset which is how I can guarantee the quality of each one.  Each bed has a cover that removes easily for washing.  The main bed that contains the beans has a zip so the whole bed can be taken apart for cleaning or for the beans to be topped up.  The beans are contained in a net so there will be no chance of spillage.