Why choose a bean bag for my dogs bed? - Barka Parka Dog Beds

Why choose a bean bag for my dogs bed?

There are so many different types of dog beds available on the market and I am sure sometimes it can seem like a huge task choosing the right one.  From fiber filled, donut, nesting, plastic, memory foam.  The list goes on.  You will find though that we only make bean beds.  We do this because we know they provide the best comfort and support for your dog.   Our beds are round and come in 10 different sizes, this means that the dog can either nest in the middle or have room to stretch out across the width of the bed.  Our bean beds give excellent orthopedic support as they keep the dog off the floor and mold around their joints.  We offer plastic free Bio Foam as well so if you are worried about the impact of traditional polystyrene then we have the answer!
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