What to look at when buying a dog coat - scroll to the end to see why a Barka Parka coat is the best fit. - Barka Parka Dog Beds

What to look at when buying a dog coat - scroll to the end to see why a Barka Parka coat is the best fit.

It's been 20,000 years since our dogs hoped from their dens and into our mud huts! During that time their looks, coats and jobs have evolved significantly.  We were exhibiting at Crufts just a few weeks ago and nowhere was this evolution more noticeable.  Many would argue that a dog does not need a coat but lots of us choose to use them.  So what elements should you look for when buying new "threads" for your pooch.

Warmth, waterproof or both?  

First off you need to decide what functionality you need the coat to have.  Breeds such as greyhounds and whippets, those with less fat coverage definitely benefit from a coat that will keep them warm.  Breeds such as the Labrador and Border Collie though don't typically suffer from the cold but when its really wet definitely benefit from some protection from the rain, it also makes life easier for us getting them clean as well.


We all know that there are a huge range of breed sizes and finding a coat to fit yours can sometimes be a little tricky.  I'd suggest that you should make sure that it covers the whole of the dogs back and that it is easily adjustable.  You will also find coats for specific breed shapes.


Coats really need to be washable and easy to maintain.  If you are buying a waterproof coat you need to make sure that you can keep it waterproof as many coats will need re waterproofing over time.  

Other concerns?

There are some other features you may want to consider, these may include

  • Reflective strips for good night time visibility
  • Where the coats are made 
  • Price

Why choose a Barka Parka Coat?

Our coats are made from a Teflon coated nylon which is both water and wind-proof.  Washable on a 40 degree wash just re waterproof by lightly ironing to re melt the Teflon fibers back together.  Our coats have reflective strips on them which will improve visibility on nighttime walks.  All our coats also come with popper fastenings around the neck and proper buckle style belts.  This means they are fully adjustable.  Made in the UK buying a Barka Parka coat means you are supporting British industry. 


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