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How to choose a good dog bed

Here at Barka Parka, we rate our beds based on three areas and we think they are useful for anyone looking to compare dog beds.  Thise criteria are durability, comfort and style, let's have a look at why we think these are important.


Let's face it our dogs' beds get a fair amount of abuse: chewing, slobber, mud, food, damp.  There are so many beds on the market, and all vary greatly on washing ability and strength.  A durable dog bed is one that will stand up to digging and general rough and tumble and is also easy to wash.  Many dog beds will pop into the washing machine, but have you ever tried to get a cover back on a bed or flatten out the polyester filling afterwards?  Many beds simply don't come out the wash the same as they went in.  Our Barka Parka beds have an elasticated slipcover and so they come off easy and will wash at 40 degrees.  The tough poly cotton twill fabric also stands up well to digging.  Even if it does wear though you can replace our covers on their own.


This of course is extremely important.  There is no point paying out for a bed if the dog won't use it.  There are a variety of fillings for dog beds, polyester, wool, memory foam, beans. We love bean beds though and we know that dogs love them too.  Bean beds are basically orthopedic beds as the beans will mold around the dogs' joints, keep the dog off the floor and are also insulating.  The other brilliant thing about beans is that you can replace and top them up.  Traditional polyester filled beds are often sealed and so once they go flat, they have to go in the bin.  We know that dogs love bean beds, we have lots of customers who have bought from us because the dog has taken over the family bean bag.


Our homes are our castles and many of us spend a lot of time making sure they look beautiful.  So why should your dogs bed not fit in with your color scheme.  With our 10 different color combinations you will find a bed that looks stunning in your home.


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