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What Dog Bed Material is Best for Durability and Sustainability?

As pet parents, we know that our dogs deserve the best. And when it comes to their comfort and health, the quality of their bed plays a vital role. But have you ever stopped to think about what goes into making a dog bed? Today, we will delve into the world of dog bed materials and explore why Barka Parka dog beds stand out from the crowd.

Understanding Dog Bed Materials

The materials used in a dog bed can distinguish between a bed that lasts for years and one that falls apart within months. Commonly used materials include polyester, fleece, and even memory foam. While these can offer comfort, they often lack durability, particularly with 'digger' dogs who love to burrow before settling down.

Enter Barka Parka, a company born out of necessity when a Labrador named Lucas outgrew his bed, sparking a mission to create a durable and comfortable bed suitable for all dogs. Beyond their material choices, Barka Parka also provides waterproof dog bed covers, enhancing the longevity and cleanliness of your pet's sleeping space.

High Tensile Gutermann Threads

What makes Barka Parka beds so durable? The secret lies in the stitches. The same threads used in sofa construction – high tensile Gutermann threads – are used in Barka Parka beds. This gives the beds sturdy construction, ensuring the seams won't fall apart even under the most persistent paws.

Durable Poly Cotton Twill

The fabric is the first line of defence against doggy claws. Barka Parka uses a durable poly cotton twill, a hard-wearing material that stands up very well to 'digging.' This fabric ensures the beds withstand the test of time, providing constant comfort for your canine companion.

Hidden Zip and Overlocking

Zips and seams are common weak points in dog beds. However, Barka Parka has addressed this issue with a hidden zip design that's difficult for dogs to find and tear apart. Additionally, every bed is 'overlocked' with a second line of safety stitching, further enhancing their durability.

Sustainability and Barka Parka

What sets Barka Parka apart isn't just the quality of our beds but also our commitment to sustainability. From using BioFoam filling options to recyclable packaging, Barka Parka is actively working towards reducing our environmental footprint. Learn more about Barka Parka's sustainable dog beds and their commitment to environmentally friendly practices.

Bespoke Choices and Customizability

We recognise that every dog and dog owner is unique. Therefore, we offer a wide range of sizes and colour combinations and the opportunity for bespoke orders to suit specific needs. Whether it's to match your home decor or to cater to your dog's particular needs, Barka Parka has you covered.


When it comes to dog bed materials, it's clear that not all are created equal. Barka Parka's use of high-quality materials and our commitment to sustainability sets us apart in the dog bed market. If you want a bed that's not only comfortable but also durable, sustainable, and personalised to your needs, consider Barka Parka for your next dog bed purchase. Because when it comes to our dogs, they deserve nothing but the best.

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