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Choosing the Best Bed for Your Great Dane

As specialists in crafting superior beds for dogs of all sizes, we understand the unique needs of your Great Dane.

It's not just about finding a bed that's big enough; it's about choosing a bed that provides exceptional comfort and support. Our bean bag beds perfectly fit this bill, and we can't wait to tell you why they're the preferred choice of many Great Dane owners.

The Unique Needs of Great Danes

Great Danes are lovingly referred to as ‘gentle giants’. Their significant size and weight require a bed that accommodates their size and supports their body. As Great Danes are prone to health issues such as hip dysplasia and joint problems, the right bed can play a pivotal role in both preventing and easing these conditions.

One of our loyal customers, Sarah, has a six-year-old Great Dane named Brutus who used to limp after lying down. However, after a few weeks on our bean bag bed, Sarah noticed that Brutus was no longer limping and seemed much more comfortable.

Our Bean Bag Beds: A Great Dane's Best Friend

We pride ourselves on our iconic bean bag beds that blend comfort, durability, and sustainability. Available in 10 vibrant colours, our beds are crafted locally, promoting British craftsmanship and reducing our carbon footprint. Our bean bag beds are a hit amongst Great Dane owners, thanks to their excellent support that conforms to the dog's body.

We believe in sustainability and offer a lifetime warranty that encourages ‘refill instead of landfill’, a policy that has been praised by our eco-conscious customers.

Comparison of Dog Bed Types for Great Danes

From foam beds to memory foam beds and elevated beds, numerous options exist. Each has its benefits and drawbacks. For instance, foam beds offer basic comfort but may lack the necessary joint support. Memory foam beds are shaped to the dog’s body but can burn a hole in your pocket. Elevated beds, while good for maintaining a cool temperature, may not support a Great Dane’s substantial weight.

In comparison, our bean bag beds incorporate the best features of all these types. Like memory foam, they conform to your dog's body, are elevated from the floor, and are robust and supportive.

Our Commitment to Size and Comfort

Size and comfort are two peas in a pod, especially for a breed like the Great Dane. This is why we offer a variety of sizes, ensuring your Great Dane, no matter their age, finds a perfect fit. Additionally, our beds are easy to clean and come with waterproof covers.

We recently received a note from Helen, a mother of three messy pups including a Great Dane, sharing how easily she was able to clean the waterproof cover after a muddy playdate in the park.

Check out our Dog Bed Size Chart

Customisation and Personalisation with Us

What sets us apart is our option for customisation. We understand that you might have specific decor preferences or want a bed that reflects your dog's personality.

We allow for bespoke orders that cater to your unique requirements. A custom order might take a bit longer to deliver, but the joy of seeing your Great Dane sprawled out on a bed that's tailor-made for them is worth the wait.


When it comes to selecting the perfect bed for your Great Dane, our bean bag beds stand out. Our commitment to comfort, sustainability, and customisation ensures your gentle giant gets the royal treatment they deserve.

Investing in one of our beds is an investment in your Great Dane's health and happiness. After all, there's nothing we love more than hearing how much our canine customers enjoy their new favourite spot in the house!

Photo by leonides ruvalcabar on Unsplash

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